Add Weebly Website Builder to cPanel "Addon" domain

Your cPanel service is recognized in your account by the "Primary Domain". If you connect the Weebly Website Builder to your cPanel account, it will automatically connect to the primary domain, and upload the files to the "public_html" folder.

However, you can attach the Weebly Website Builder to a cPanel "Addon" domain by following these steps:

*To view, modify, or create Addon domains in cPanel, see the HelpDesk article: Add Domain in cPanel (Addon Domains)

  • Login to your account at
  • In the top menu, go to "Order New - Weebly Website Builder | Addon"
  • Select any Weebly Package (the free option is available also)
  • In the domain tab, choose "A domain I already own"
  • Type in the domain name
  • Click "Checkout"
  • Continue with the purchase, and when done click "Submit Order"
  • In the top menu, go to "My Services - My Services"
  • Click on the new service you created
  • Click "Update FTP credentials"
  • Put in the correct FTP credentials to go into your addon domain's website folder, then save it by clicking "Update FTP credentials" in the popup window. See the HelpDesk articles: Getting Started with cPanel and FTP in cPanel
  • Now you can click "Login to Weebly Site Builder", which will take you to the website builder / editor
  • Go through the process of starting to create the website
  • Make a small change to the website, then click "Publish". This is to make sure all the settings are working, and that the site publishes correctly before you spend a lot of time editing the website.
  • If the site publishes correctly, then it's all setup and working! If the site does not publish successfully, let us know, and we can troubleshoot it for you.
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