Getting Started With Your Web Hosting Account

This Getting Started Guide will go over how to navigate your account on There are two interfaces on the web hosting: the account at, and the cPanel dashboard. The account at will be used for managing the billing of your website hosting services. The cPanel is the control panel used for managing website files, email, and in-depth settings including DNS, forwarding, etc (Also see: Getting Started with cPanel). The cPanel is accessible from your account on (see the heading below on this page titled "Managing Linux Website Hosting Service (cPanel)").

To connect your domain and web hosting together, you will need to point your domain's DNS to the web hosting account. See the article: DNS (nameservers) to point your domain to



After you have first logged into your website hosting account, you will be taken to your Account Overview / Account Homepage (which you can always get back to from the main menu when logged in, by clicking "Home")

From the Account Overview / Account Homepage, you can update your contact info and view your Services, Support Tickets, and Invoices.


Adding / Updating Your Contact Information

You can update contact information by going to the top menu section "Hello, [Your Name]", then clicking "Edit Account Details" (or from the Account Overview under "Your Info", click "Update").


Additional Account Management Sections

From the top menu section "Hello, [Your Name]",  you can manage contact information, payment methods, change the account password, manage security settings, and view the email history.

Contact Information: Add / update contact information. You can also set your email preferences (which emails you receive), and join our newsletter mailing list.

Payment Methods: Here you can store credit cards on the account

Change Password: Put in your existing password, then your new password.

Security Settings: Manage Two-Factor Authentication, Security Question, Single Sign-on (enables direct access to your cPanel from your account)

Email History: See recent emails sent out to you (order confirmations, invoice emails, welcome emails)


*Add Funds

From a separate menu location, you also have the option to "Add Funds". When you add funds, you place a credit on the account, and upcoming payments will be made using that credit. To add funds, in the top menu, select "Billing - Add Funds"


Managing Linux Website Hosting Service (cPanel)

  • Login to your account at
  • Make sure you are at the account overview page by clicking on "Home" in the top menu
  • Click on "Services"
  • Click on the service row (clicking on the domain name will just take you to that domain's website). The service will be defined by the cPanel "Primary Domain". The Addon domains are still in the cPanel the same way though.
  • Here you will be able to login to cPanel, upgrade / downgrade service, request cancellation, see storage and bandwidth usage statistics, add-on the Weebly Website Builder, manage / access the Weebly Website Builder editor, access some cPanel shortcuts, and quickly create new email addresses for the primary domain on cPanel.

Note: By default, the Weebly Website Builder will be added to the cPanel "Primary Domain" in the "public_html" folder. For connecting Weebly to cPanel Addon domains, see the article: Add Weebly Website Builder to cPanel "Addon" domain)


Change Billing Cycle

There is not a way to change the billing cycle for an existing "Linux Website Hosting with cPanel" package from within your account, unless you are upgrading / downgrading the package. 

For changing the billing cycle of an existing "Linux Website Hosting with cPanel" package, you can submit a ticket from your account on, and we will be glad to change the billing cycle for you. 

Here are the available billing cycles, and their corresponding discounts:

  • Monthly: regular price
  • 3 months: 2.5% discount
  • 6 months: 5% discount
  • 12 months: 7.5% discount
  • 24 months: 10% discount
  • 36 months: 12.5% discount


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